Swing in Paris: Clubs Libertins

Paris is home to some of the best swing clubs in the world, which they call clubs libertins. They are basically nightclubs with benefits (with rooms where you can have sex). These swing clubs are not at all an underground scene: they are very fancy places, with high-level services and facilities.

All four clubs libertins that we described below are exceptional places, with beautiful decoration, good service, high-class services, and a lot of beautiful people. You won’t be disappointed, as long as you go on the right day and time, according to your fantasies.

Os quatro clubes de swing de Paris
The location of four swing clubs in Paris.

Le Mask

What stands out the most about Le Mask is their extraordinary service. Their bartender is friendly, polite, and extroverted. It is hard to find such a welcoming service.

Chegando para o Réveillon no clube de swing Le Mask Paris
Le Mask Paris for the new years eve

Le Mask is for couples only. There is no singles day.

The main feature of Le Mask is that they have an audience made up of couples during the afternoon, while the other houses are empty or filled with single men. Every time we visited the club after lunchtime, there were enough couples to fill out the space, which is not large.

Swing New Year’s in Paris

We spent the New Year’s there: the food was amazing and the party, despite the calmer vibe, was exactly what we expected. There were nice-looking couples and interaction. We liked it because we like calmer environments and good food. For those who like to party with nightclub music and a dancefloor, this is not the best fit.

The New Year’s experience at Le Mask was completely different than our experience at Fun4Two, where we spent New Year’s in 2019. Both are great, but they are completely different kinds of parties.

The club features a small but nice dungeon. However, it is not for those who like to practice BDSM seriously.

The Le Mask facilities

O clube de swing Le Mask oferece alguns equipamentos
The Le Mask club offers some equipment

The club was flawlessly designed for those who like to watch and be watched, but at the same time, who like to be with your spouse without any worries. The placement of the couches allows couples to see each other without having to share the same space. We think the way the couches were laid out is one of the things the club got right.  

Le Mask does not feature a dance floor, which makes it much more silent than other clubs. It is a refined, cozy bar with fancy environments for sex. It is not a place to go “just dance” and there are almost no “curious” spectators there. But the action happens without much gang-banging, in a lighter mood than in houses such as Les Chandelles.

The original proposal of Le Mask was that everyone should be wearing masks, but no one actually does. Don’t even worry about taking one. Last case scenario, they will give you one. But you won’t need it.

The Le Mask club allows you to enter with personal objects (purse, wallet, phone, etc.), leaving your coat in a locker. We like it that way, we’re not too fond of leaving everything in a locker.

Swing in Paris during the afternoon

During the day, it is the best option for couples who are not looking for gang bangs. The club is open every afternoon except Sundays, from 2 to 9:30 p.m., and it costs 63 euros per couple, including two alcoholic drinks and free soft drinks. The other swing clubs in Paris, in the afternoon, are either empty or filled with single men. During this time, the best options are Le Mask or the saunas.

Swing in Le Mask at night

At night, the prices vary from 35 euros on Mondays and Tuesdays to 78 euros on Fridays and Saturdays. The opening time also varies, and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays, Le Mask is open all day long, without any breaks. On the days with breaks, you might want to arrive close to its opening time, since the couples usually leave at the end of the afternoon.

La Marquise

La Marquise is a very small and relatively new club, which opened less than a year ago. In the afternoons and in most nights, the audience is mixed. There are still not enough people to make it as fun as Le Mask in the afternoons.

Chegando no clube de swing La Marquise
Arriving at La Marquise swing club

The place has great potential: it is very well-located, with a very nice decoration and intimate. The entrance is very affordable: 30 euros per couple, with two alcoholic drinks included, from Monday to Friday, from 3 to 8 p.m. However, on the day we visited, it was very empty in the afternoon. When we arrived, we were alone for a long time, and took advantage to take these pictures.

O clube de swing La Marquise tem espaços confortáveis perto do bar
La Marquise swing club has comfortable and luxurious environments

There is a dance floor surrounded by sofas.

O clube de swing La Marquise oferece uma pista de dança
La Marquise offers a dance floor, just like Les Chandelles and Taken-club.

In the lower part, going down the stairs, there is a candle-lit dungeon with beds.

Há grandes camas na dungeon do La Marquise
There are large beds at La Marquise’s dungeon
A dungeon do La Marquise é uma das mais bonitas em casas de swing de Paris.
The dungeon at La Marquise is one of the nicest among the swing clubs in Paris

La Marquise also allows you to go inside with your belongings, only leaving your coat at a locker.

Couple’s night at La Marquise

We think it must be really cool at night: its reviews online are excellent, the service was very good, and we loved the environment. We want to go on a Saturday night, which is the couples-only day. It opens at 10 p.m. and costs 80 euros with two drinks (or 40 euros for couples under 30).


The Taken-Club opens only at night and what we’ve heard from Parisians is that it is only worth visiting on Saturdays. We went there on a Saturday and it was incredible.

Plenty of attractive and exciting people, an extraordinary bar, a bustling dance floor, and a fancy labyrinth with a lot of action: by 1 a.m. there were still a lot of people having sex. Everything was very nice and impeccably clean.

All of the environments are public, so you can’t lock yourself in a room for private swinging. On the one hand, this kind of limits your possibilities. On the other, it makes the house more exciting. Interestingly, this is the case for all four swing clubs in Paris we mentioned in this post, unlike Le Boudoir, in London.

O clube de swing Taken-Club fica na Île Saint-Louis
The Taken-Club is at Île Saint-Louis

The Taken-Club asks you to leave all your belongings at a locker, before going inside the club. We don’t like that very much, we feel uncomfortable not having from our bags, wallets, and cell phones.

Les Chandelles, the most renowned swing club in Paris

Les Chandelles proposes to be the fanciest club libertin in Paris, and in some aspects, it is. It is certainly the pickiest one at the entrance and, for better or for worse, they do not let you in unless you’re impeccably dressed. We don’t know if there are other criteria, but the audience at the house seemed to be from all ethnicities, so we figured that – fortunately – there aren’t many other requirements.

A discreta fachada do clube de swing Les Chandelles
The facade from Les Chandelles swing club: the most discrete out of the ones we visited.

Les Chandelles is known for being the place of choice for celebrities. According to legend, the former-managing-director of the IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, liked to go there. We don’t know if that’s true, it was on Vanity Fair.

Miss F arriving at Les Chandelles, swing club in Paris..
Miss F arriving at Les Chandelles.

We already wrote a long post about our experience at Les Chandelles. If you want to know more about the club, check it out.

Les Chandelles also asks you to leave your belongings at a locker, before going inside the club libertin. We are always bothered by that.

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