Swing in London: the comfort of Le Boudoir

Le Boudoir is a swing club that works the way we expect things to work in London. Attractive, fancy, and very participative people: after midnight, the common areas are filled with naked couples, engaged in large orgies. It is an elegant house that targets beginner and experienced swingers, and it lives up to the best swing clubs in Paris.

The infrastructure at Le Boudoir

Everything at Le Boudoir is well organized. When you get there, you get a very professional tour, led by a friendly Englishman in a suit and silver shoes, who knows what he’s doing.

All the rooms are carefully explained and the club rules are provided for new members. It is the first club we’ve seen that gives you a professional welcoming tour.

The club is big and comfortable: there are no lines, there are plenty of couches, and the environment is fancy. Le Boudoir stays away from the underground vibe of many clubs.

We also like their laid back policies. You can walk around with your drinks. You get high-quality plastic cups to avoid accidents.

We were there on a Saturday, which is the best night, when the club is reserved for couples and ladies only. When we got there, we met a nice 22-year-old English woman, who was alone. We clicked: her family was Dutch, and Holland is our favorite country.

Private rooms for organized swing

Close to the dance floor, the club offers four comfortable private rooms, with locks, for couples who want traditional swing instead of an orgy with dozens of people. The rooms work on a first-come-first-served basis, and there are plenty of towels for cleaning up.

Drinking in swing clubs: London did not disappoint us

O bar do Le Boudoir Swing em Londres
The self-service bar at Le Boudoir

Le Boudoir has the best type of bar we’ve ever seen: everyone takes their own drinks, from home or the shop next to the club (open until 10:30 p.m.).

You just need to buy one or more bottles, write your name on them, and put them in the fridge. There are tape and pens in the bar. Everyone drinks their own and no one touches other people’s drinks.

Swing comes first; drinks are on the side. Everything is very British.

Ice and non-alcoholic drinks are on the house. It works perfectly, without lines and crowds. And it is much cheaper than buying drinks by the glass throughout the night.

What to wear at Le Boudoir?

Just like Les Chandelles demands that the visitors are very well-dressed, in Paris, Le Boudoir does the same thing in London, but their demands are much more clear.

For the ladies, fancy and sexy party dresses. After a certain time, it is expected that they change into sexy lingerie, although that is not mandatory.

For men, formal clothes. They are not required to wear a blazer, although some do. No T-shirts or polos: the safe way of going about it is wearing a long-sleeve dress shirt. Sneakers and ripped jeans won’t get you past the door.

Who is the audience for swinging in Le Boudoir?

On Saturday, attractive and fit couples. Even the older couples were attractive. Most of the women are between 20 and 40 years old. We were impressed with the number of attractive people at the party.

Accessories in the locker: what to take

The couple can rent a locker with a 20-pound deposit, which is returned to you when you leave. The locker is conveniently located and accessible at all times.

It is very useful to keep your lingerie, wallet, cell phone, and other accessories that might get in the way when swinging.

Fantasies in the teacher’s office

One of the theme rooms in the swing club is the teacher’s office. The walls are like a library and the teacher’s desk is ideal for naughty girls to get some extra points in their exams.

BDSM dungeon at Le Boudoir’s underground level

The BDSM dungeon at Le Boudoir

The dungeon is complete with a variety of torture devices and a professional who is fully trained to use them: the silver-shoe man. He ties up the ladies and is always ready to torture them.

The dungeon is very popular and, after midnight, is full of victims.

Perfect hygiene and maintenance

Everything in the swing club is impeccably clean and organized: even though we expected this from a club in London, we were surprised. There are towels everywhere, the bathrooms are extremely clean, the bar is constantly cleaned. It is a high-class club, from beginning to end.

This swing club in London is exclusive for members

But it is not hard to become a member: just fill out some data on the website and arrive on your first day with a photo ID. The address is provided in your welcome email and it is very central and extremely easy to access. Our Uber from King’s Cross cost 11 pounds.

The party on Saturday costs 70 pounds for a couple and 20 pounds for single women. It does not include alcoholic beverages, but everyone takes their own. It is affordable for a high-class swing club in London.

For Le Boudoir, two single people arriving together does not count as a couple. You must sign up as a couple.

The only thing it lacked was a nice jacuzzi, such as the one we found at Fun4Two or Fata Morgana. But apart from this very specific demand, it is an excellent club.

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