Swing in Cap d’Agde

Cap d’Agde is the world capital of swing. There is no place like it: thousands of locals and tourists dedicated to sex in parties, nightclubs, beaches, and saunas. It is a unique experience.

Srta. F e o mapa da Vila Naturista, a capital mundial do swing.
Mrs. F and the map for the Naturist Village, the world capital of swing.

Cap in a nutshell

Cap d’Agde has something for everyone.

  • Do you prefer a nightclub environment with fancy people? There are nightclubs open every night, from Sunday to Sunday, in the high season.
  • If you like gang banging in the pool, with everyone naked, there are parties every day.
  • If you’re into a cozy sauna, there are at least two liberal options that are open daily, in the afternoon and at night.
  • Do you want a musical happy hour at the beach with sex? You can also have it, every day, except when it rains.
  • Do you want a party at friends’ villas? You just need to make the right friends.

What can’t you find in Cap d’Agde? Good information online. The French really suck at making websites. The information about Cap d’Agde online is few and outdated. The restaurants they recommend? Closed. The saunas? They changed their rules years ago.

Planning your first trip to Cap d’Agde is hell, because there is a lack of information. But…

Your problems are over!

We will tell you everything, right here! Buckle up and get ready, because this post is long and complete. More than seven thousand words and 70 images with everything you need to know about the best trip of your life.

Vista aérea de Cap d'Agde, a capital mundial do swing.
This is the naturist area. The large circle in the middle is the Heliopolis apartment building, with the Le Jardin d’Eden apart-hotel and the Le Glamour nightclub in the middle, right by the beach. The large área in the upper right corner that goes beyond the picture is the naturist camping site (more like a parking lot for motorhomes and pre-assembled homes). The “L” in the lower part is the Port Nature building, with a small village in the middle.
This is a detailed map of the Naturist Village which we photographed from a local magazine. The entrance is at number 22. Every afternoon, there is a pool party at Le Glamour Beach (18). On Wednesdays and Fridays, there is a party in the afternoon at Babylon (2). At night, every day, there nightclub Le Glamour (18) is open, as well as a smaller nightclub, Le Jul’s (12). On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays afternoon, you can part at Eden‘s (19) happy hour.

When to visit?

If you are interested in sex and swing, you need to visit Cap during the high season. And when is it?

  • In the second half of July, there is movement, but it is calm.
  • In July, it gets more exciting.
  • In August, it is peak season.
  • In early September there is still some movement, but not as much.

The naturist village

Cap d’Agde’s naturist village is a closed area in the small city of Cap d’Agde (Agde is another slightly bigger city, about 8km away from it). To get into the Naturist Village, you need to sign up and pay a fee. Check the picture below with the prices:

Tarifas para entrada na vila naturista de Cap d'Agde.

If you are interested in swing, gang bang, liberal parties, BDSM, and others, you need to stay inside the Naturist Village.

Do not choose a hotel outside of the Naturist Village. There is no uber, there is no public transit, there are very few taxis, which are expensive and hard to find. Coming and going to the Naturist Village will be stressful. Find a place to stay inside the village.

Swing in Cap

There are seven places to have sex with more people in Cap:

  • Saunas such as Histoires d’O and Kamasutra
  • Pool parties, during the day, such as Glamour Beach, and the Babylone party
  • Beach, in the area after the Paralia, after 7 p.m.
  • Night parties open to the public, such as Eyes Wide Shut from Oz’Inn
  • Liberal Nightclubs such as Glamour
  • Hotel and apart-hotel pools if you are a guest
  • Private parties, organized by friends and acquaintances

Swing and gang bang in Cap in the morning

If you are one of those people who wake up early and want to find gang bangs in the morning, your best options are staying at the Le Jardin the Babylone or Le Jardin d’Eden, hotels with vibrant pools, which are exclusive for guests, except for party days, when everyone can get in.

In the morning, everything is closed in Cap: the saunas open after noon, there is no sex on the beach, there are no parties. Everyone either sleeps or goes to naturist beaches, without any sexual activity.

We like to sleep and wake up early, and this nocturnal lifestyle is a bit excruciating for us. That is why staying in one of those apart-hotels with a swimming pool is a tempting choice.

Swing and gang bang in Cap in the afternoon

In the afternoon, you can go to Glamour Beach’s foam party, which is open daily from 2 to 7 p.m. Or the Le Jardin de Babylone party, on Wednesdays and Fridays, at the same time. Or you can go to the Histoires d’O sauna, which opens at 2 p.m.

Glamour, o paraíso do Swing em Cap.

Swing and gang bang in Cap at night

After 6 p.m., there are pool parties at Le Jardin d’Eden on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, which end at around 8:30 p.m. Another option for the early evenings is Histoires d’O.

The beach bar Paralia is usually very busy after 7 p.m., and the beach nearby is the stage for live sex. Since there are many single men, we only recommend that for couples with exhibitionist fetishes or who like gang bangs. Even because having sex on the beach is not that comfortable: one single grain of sand in the wrong place is already enough to make some damage.

The nightclubs open later at night. They start getting full by midnight. There are many, but Glamour is the best one – unless you have specific tastes, such as BDSM or gay. For standard swinging, Glamour is the right choice.


Histoires d’O

Saying Histoires d’O is a sauna is a bit of a stretch.

Histoires d'O, onde o swing acontece nos dias nublados de Cap d'Agde.

Histoires d’O is a peculiar place: it is where couples and singles go to have sex in large (huge, gigantic) beds or locked bedrooms – or even in the bar or jacuzzi. The locked bedroom is included in the ticket.

You can swing, gang bang, or have a ménage: everyone in Cap is usually very liberal.

O bar do Histoires d'O, onde o swing acontece nos dias nublados de Cap d'Agde.
Histoires d’O’s Bar

Although Histoires d’O accepts couples and singles, each one comes in through different doors and single men can only access a certain part of the facility. Couples and women can roam around the entire place. There are two bars, two jacuzzis, everything is double to provide for both audiences.

The entrance costs 40 euros per couple, with soft drinks and coffee included, and you can stay as long as you want, until they close. For 5 euros, you can drink cheap champagne. You can also pay 60 euros for a full-day pass, where you can go in and out as you’d like. It is open from 2 p.m. to 2 a.m., every day, during the high season.

The place is extremely clean, new, and organized. And you’ll find action all day long. You will see couples having sex from start to finish. On cloudy days, Histoires d’O is packed. On sunny days, people usually prefer to go to the pool parties, beaches, and happy hour at Paralia. But you will still find people there.


Kamasutra tem swing e tem naturismo tradicional, todos os gostos de Cap

Kamasutra is a naturalist pool complex, without sex, and a liberal “Hammam” sauna. I would like to highlight that “sauna” doesn’t exactly mean a sauna, but a small facility with a sauna, jacuzzi, bar, and environments for sex.

Saunda do Kamasutra tem swing em Cap.

Kamasutra, unlike Histoires d’O, allows the entrance of single men in all the environments.

On some websites, there is old or inaccurate information that it is couples-only at night. This is not correct, and Kamasutra is mixed-use all day long.


At the door of Le Jardin de Babylone and Le Jardin d’Eden, you will find a sign with the summer schedule, such as this one:

Programação de verão das festas na piscina, o centro do swing em cap.
You will find the summer schedule at the doors of Le Jardin du Eden and Le Jardin du Babylone hotels.

Le Glamour Beach (foam party)

Glamour’s Foam Party, also known as Mousse Party, is the most famous party in Cap, the hub for swing in Cap.

Open every day during the high season, this party is a must-go for all couples. At this party, anything can happen, and everyone is ready for action. Everything is clean, organized, vibrant, and designed to work perfectly.

It happens from 2 to 7 p.m., but by 1:30 p.m., you will see a line at the door. If you want to get a good place by the pool, you need to arrive before it opens or pay for a Magnum Champagne, which gives you a VIP room.

On Wednesdays and Fridays, when the Babylonia pool party happens at the same time, there is less of a crowd, but the audience is older. On these days, you might want to choose the Babylonia Pool Party.

If it is cloudy or rainy, you should also choose something else to do, such as Histoires d’O.

Glamour Beach é o centro do Swing em Cap.
The pool at Le Glamour Beach (Image frm their Facebook, the foam at the front is Photoshopped – that is not where the foam is).

How to get in and what to bring

You get in naked. The only thing they allow are document holders (waterproof boxes that can be bought at the gate), a towel, cap, sunglasses, condoms, and sunscreen. If you don’t take a towel, they sell great ones, which are very large, for 40 Euros.

At the entrance, everyone takes off their clothes and keep them in an efficient cloakroom service. If you are hesitant about leaving your documents and wallet with others, take only what you need: some cash, condoms, and a credit card.

On one of the days we were there, they were checking everyone for drugs. Because you go inside naked and with few belongings, this search seems effective. It might not be a good idea to take illegal substances.

The ticket costs 25 Euros per couple and a glass of Moet Chandon costs 10 Euros.

Sun and heat

The infrastructure is perfect for the super sunny summer days. Over the pool, there is an ideal shade. The water is not heated and there is no jacuzzi, just a normal pool.  

On sunny days, the water temperature is perfect. When it gets cloudy, the water is a little cold It doesn’t make sense to go there if it isn’t sunny.

Is it really couples-only?

Officially, only couples and women can get in. However, you might find a few single men. They get in by bribing the security guard – in the case we saw, they pay 50 Euros. And they start talking about how they’re in a “throuple,” with some other couple they met in the line.

How old is the audience?

On the days of the Babylon pool party, the women were mostly 40 to 55 years old. On the days when there was no competition, they were between 25 and 55 years old. Men are usually slightly older.

Is there foam everywhere?

No, the foam area is separated from the rest by plastic curtains and showers. The foam helps with the interaction: if things are already very interactive in the pool, it gets even better in the foam. There is swing going on everywhere, which is the quintessence of Cap.

It might get uncomfortable for attractive women in some cases: in the foam, there is some groping and interactions without conversation. But in general, it is very fun.

When leaving the foam area, put on another layer of sunscreen.

Le Jardin de Babylone (pool party)

On Wednesdays and Fridays afternoon, you can’t miss it: the pool party at Jardin de Babylone is the place to be. It is amazing, an unforgettable experience.

Party at Jardin de Babylone, when it gets crowded. Public domain photo.

The hotel has a very large pool with a bar and a jacuzzi. The party is very good, with music, jugglers, colorful fog, and excitement. It is very full during the high season: we counted 150 to 200 couples, maybe more.

It costs 25 Euros to get in and the Champagne costs 10 Euros per glass. The party goes from 2 to 7 p.m. If you are staying at Babylone or taking the SDC Takeover tour, the entrance is free.

You don’t need to leave your belongings at the entrance, but most people get completely naked. Take few things: you don’t want to worry about your things during the swing, even considering Cap is relatively safe.

A festa da piscina no Babylone, point de swing em Cap.
The pary has professional entertainers. Public domain photo.

Watching dozens of attractive ladies dancing naked around the pool is a unique experience. The audience is interactive and fun. They are mostly relatively young, and the women vary from 25 to 45 year-olds. Swinging in Cap is cool, but watching this show is unique.

Is there any shade?

Up until 4 p.m., the pool is exposed to sunlight. Although the jacuzzi is in the shade, it is too hot to be in it. Take a hat and a lot of sunscreen. After 4 p.m., you will find shaded areas in the pool.

How to get a good spot?

That is very hard. If you arrive before the party starts, you might be able to save a spot. To get a good spot, you need to be staying at the hotel.

Le Jardin d’Eden (Aperol party)

On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, you should take advantage of the happy hour at Le Jardin d’Eden. From 6 to 8 p.m., or even a little later, you can use the hotel pool for free. If you arrive early, there are usually mattresses and umbrellas available. You only pay for what you consume – 10 Euro for one glass of Champagne. It is a couples-only space.

Três vezes por semana é hora de Swing na festa Aperol de Cap.
The pool at Jardin d’Eden, where the Aperol party happens at the end of the afternoon. Public domain photo.

You must be naked. You can keep your belongings, but you cannot wear clothes. One day, we waited 10 minutes to take off our clothes, and we were warned by the waiter.

How bright is the sunlight?

Until 7 p.m., there is a lot of sun and almost no shade by the pool. The jacuzzi is completely under the sun. After 7, it gets more pleasant. Even at the end of the afternoon, take sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses.

After 7 p.m., you can find some shade by the main pool.

At what time should we get there?

Officially, the party starts at 6 p.m. According to our experience, you should arrive a little bit before, and get in confidently when a guest opens the door – they won’t check whether or not you are a guest.

We went to the party five times, and we only arrived at the starting time once. On the other four times, we arrived before. We were only stopped by the door once (we had to wait 15 minutes to get in).

The advantage of arriving before is that you can get an excellent spot. Since this party is not as popular as Babylone’s, arriving a few minutes before makes a difference (Babylone is a lost cause anyway).


The beach is well guarded from 10 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. There are lifeguard posts with many employees with binoculars. The closest part to the complex is a true naturist beach, with families and no sex.

Tem praia pra swing em Cap, tem praia pra naturismo.

After Paralia

Paralia is an excellent beach bar, very clean and organized, which rents comfortable umbrellas and serves good drinks, besides offering DJs at night, during their exciting happy hours. They open every sunny day at around 10 a.m.

O swing no Paralia so começa depois das 19:00
This is Paralia before it opens, really early, when you can take pictures.

It is more common to get to Paralia by walking on the sand. If you prefer, you can also go on a dirt road that runs parallel to the beach. It won’t be as nice, but walking by that road will make you less tired, and you can wear clothes to protect yourself from the sun. On the beach, the rules require you to be naked.

After Paralia, you will find the part where swing and sex are allowed at Cap beach. It is actually not exactly legal, but after 7 p.m., there is no surveillance. The people know this is a liberal spot, so no one complains.

Antes de um dia de Swing, Mrs F mergulha no mar de Cap

There are a lot of single men, so any action is soon surrounded by spectators. If that’s what you like, this is the right place. We don’t enjoy this so much and we are scared someone will record it, so we prefer clubs and parties, which have some control.


Le Glamour

The Le Glamour club was a grateful surprise. Because they allow single men, we thought the audience would be disproportionally male. Surprisingly, there were only couples on the day we visited.

We had never seen a nightclub with so many attractive people. We were surprised. Excited women, wearing very little – and see-through – clothing. The people were polite and friendly, and a lot of them were doing pole dancing. And the swing was happening everywhere, as expected in Cap.

This was a fun experience from start to end. The nightclub has two mazes, which are large sets of interconnected bedrooms, where the couples can have fun. Single men are allowed in one of them. Only couples and women are allowed on the other.

It is not a place to go naked, but with fancy clothes, although they can be extremely provocative. Men should wear pants.

Sra. F vestida para arrasar no swing de Cap.
Miss. F. dressed for Le Glamour.

The place is huge. It can take more than one thousand couples. Everything is clean, nice bathrooms, and efficient and friendly services. We were the first ones to arrive, at around 10:40 p.m. The club started getting busier closer to midnight.

The price is fair: 60 Euros per couple with two drinks or 70 Euros with four drinks.


It doesn’t make sense to go to Tantra. Maybe that is why so many people are promoting the place. Just ignore them.

It is much smaller, not as nice, and with fewer people than Le Glamour. And the price is not that different: 40 euros per couple with two drinks.

Since they are open at the same time, it is always better to choose Le Glamour. Don’t even waste your time. If you want a lot of attractive people looking for swing at night in Cap, go to Le Glamour.


Melrose é o local para o esquenta do swing em Cap d'Agde.

Technically, the Melrose is a bar, not a nightclub. In practice, it works a little differently: a huge crowd dancing on the floor and poles. There are no chairs on the tables. It has a nightclub environment.

The entrance is free, but you must buy one drink. It is worth the visit if you like the crowd, loud music, and swing. It is not a comfortable place, but it can be fun and cheap.

A parede de cadeados para um futuro de swings animados em Cap
Our promise of eternal kinkiness: a couple’s lock at Melrose’s wall.

Other nightclubs

There are many other nightclubs in Cap. But none of the compare to Le Glamour, unless you are looking for something more specific, such as BDSM, women-only, or gay men. For standard swing, the best place to go is Le Glamour.

Staying in Cap

You can read about every option of lodging in Cap d’Agde at this post, that lists hotels, apartments, and much more.

Mapa dos hotéis da Vila Naturista de Cap d'Agde: localizando-se no swing.
The location of each hotel at the naturist village of Cap D’Agde

A summary of prices during the high season

Camping (cottage)160 Euros per night, 7 guests.
Studio rental 200 to 275 Euros per night, double room.
Hotel Eve200 to 305 Euros per night, double room.
Le Jardin de Babylone250 to 290 Euros per night, double room.
Le Jardin d’Eden390 to 470 Euros per night, double room.
Oz’Inn390 to 516 Euros per night, double room.
Le Nautilia700 per night, double room.


Most visitors of the Naturist Village stay in apartments that are rented out by their owners or agencies: there are more apartments being rented out than people staying in hotels.

There are huge residential buildings, such as Heliopolis, Port Ambonne, Port Nature, Port Soleil, and Port Venus, with thousands of units.

Most parties and attractions are at the Port Nature-Port Ambonne-Heliopolis triangle. The apartments in these locations are better located: although the entire Naturist Village is very walkable, during the summer, the sun is very strong and the temperatures can reach 40ºC, so it is better to stay near the buzz.

The buildings do not offer amenities or concierge service. The host of the apartment will welcome you, and that can be the property’s owner or the hired agency. Usually, they will meet you at the entrance of the village.

How to rent an apartment in Cap?

You can check the options:

What about the price?

It varies according to the time of the year, but no one wants to go to Cap if it’s not the high season. The price in July and August, for fully equipped and well-maintained apartments for a couple, is between 200 and 300 euros.


It is the oldest and largest building in Cap d’Agde. From what they say, it all depends on how well-maintained each unit is.

Because it is an older building, the units that weren’t renovated might not be in a very good state of conservation. The building has a good location, but we don’t like it very much.

Besides the central building, which is the round one, there is a village with houses that looks pleasant, which is called Heliovillage, but we’ve never visited it.

  • Advantages: close to the best nightclub, Glamour, close to the daily foam party, and also close to the beach. Many good shops and restaurants around the area.
  • Disadvantages: we don’t like the huge hallways, the 20th-century architecture and the excessive asphalt.

Port Ambonne

It looks like a mini-Heliopolis, but nicer. At its center, instead of a parking lot, there is a naturist pool (but you have to pay for it and it is not as nice as Waiki or Kamasutra, which we described). There are some very good shops.

In July 2020, we will try staying at Port Ambonne, in this unit.

Port Nature

We stayed at Port Nature, in a small studio, which was very nice and functional, and it can be rented through this link.

Foto do estúdio que alugamos em Port Nature.
Photo of the studio we rented at Port Nature.
Vista do nosso estúdio: este prédio é o Port Nature
View from our studio: this building is Port Nature.

The apartments have two entrances: one that leads to an external hallway, which can be seen on the picture above, and a traditional one, that leads to a hallway with elevators. Staying on a lower floor is better: the ground floor is ideal.

Port Soleil and Port Venus

These are the two other buildings in the complex, which are smaller and farther from the parties. Their location is not so good, but it is also not a major issue. We wouldn’t let a good offer there slip away.

Apart-hotels with partial hotel infrastructure

Le Jardin de Babylone, the symbol of Cap’s swing parties

This is the apart-hotel with the most famous pool party.

The food is not very good and the room service goes from inexistent to weak. The front desk is only open part-time. It is not a hotel, but an apart-hotel with a few amenities and the rooms are in various conditions.

The location is not perfect: it is not as central as Le Jardin d’EdenPort Nature or Port Ambonne, but it is also not bad. The main differential is being able to use the pool outside of the parties.

Diárias do Babylone: preço de 5 estrelas, infra de 3 estrelas. Mas que piscina... o suprassumo do pecado.
Babylone rates: 5-star price, 3-star infrastructure. But what a pool…

The daily rate is very expensive for the infrastructure they offer, but the price varies with the demand. And there is a lot of demand because of the pool… oh, the pool. If lust really were a sin, Dante will have to add a few levels to hell.

A piscina do Babylone, que em dias de festa comporta centenas de casais.
The Babylone pool, which on party days, hosts hundreds of couples.

Le Jardin d’Eden, swing in Cap with more infrastructure

Le Jardin d’Eden has a nice pool – without Babylone’s huge parties, but with a little more intimist parties, if that term can be used in Cap.

The pool is exclusive for guests and friends. This is the differential of this apart-hotel. If it weren’t for that, the exorbitant prices wouldn’t be worth it, varying from 390 to 470 euros during the high season.

Rates at Jardin d’Eden hotel, the place for swing in Cap d’Agde

The parties at the Eden happen at the end of the afternoon, from 6 to 8 p.m., when the sun starts setting. After 7 p.m., the jacuzzi is the best spot in the hotel. That is where everything happens and where we found some of the nicest couples.

The Eden has a better and more modern infrastructure than the Babylone, but it is far from a luxury hotel. Their front desk doesn’t work for most of the day. Room service is not included and the towels must be reserved during certain hours.

Áreas comuns do apart-hotel Le Jardin d'Eden, o lugar para o swing em Cap d'Agde: hidro
Áreas comuns do apart-hotel Le Jardin d'Eden, o lugar para o swing em Cap d'Agde


These apart-hotels are so precarious when it comes to online services that they don’t even have websites. The reservations must be made through a broker.

Yes, it is pre-historical: there is no online booking, you need to fill out a confusing form online, and wait for someone to contact you via email.

It looks like we’re back to the internet in the 2000s. France rarely disappoints us with their online services.

SDC Takeover, a celebration of swing in Cap

SDC Takeover is an annual Cap trip, organized by the website SDC. They book the two main apart-hotels – Babylone and Eden – and organize a trip. Usually, there are two options: one in the first week of July, and another one in the second week.

In 2020, the trips will happen from July 6th to 12th, and July 12th to 18th, with six nights in each package.

The price of the trip includes the daily parties, entrance to some events, and staying in the apart-hotels. We met some people who were in the SDC excursion in 2019 and we liked it: in 2020, we will hire them, and we will go in the first week of July.

Preços do Babylonia, para um swing em Cap d'Agde, no SDC Takeover

On the left, you can see the rates for Le Jardin d’Eden, for the first week of the trip in 2020.

Preços do Babylonia, para um swing em Cap d'Agde

Le Jardin de Babylone is a more affordable option.

In 2019, we took advantage of their posters to take some pictures (and also took advantage of some of their guests to… you know).

Sra. F aproveitando o cartaz do SDC Takeover em Cap d'Agde

Le Nautilia

Le Nautilia is a luxury enterprise, derived from the Eden and Babylone hotels. Those who stay at Le Nautilia have breakfast at Le Jardin d’Eden – which is attached to it – and have access to the pools in the group’s apart-hotels.

The price is extremely high: 700 euros per night during the high season. And they only rent for seven or more nights.

Preços do super luxuoso Nautilia em Cap d'Agde

Natureva SPA

We couldn’t quite figure out where this apart-hotel stands. It is next to Babylone, but they don’t have great parties or convey much credibility on their website. It is not particularly well-located, and it is also not cheap.

If you’ve been there, could you leave a comment telling us what are its attractive points?



It is the only high-standard hotel in the naturist village. It is the only establishment in the Naturist Village that offers online reservation, with self-service. We almost booked with them for this reason alone.

However, the prices aren’t so attractive and we wondered whether the people that go to the jacuzzi on the last floor is the kind of audience we are looking for.

Jacuzzi do Oz'inn em Cap d'Agde
Oz’inn jacuzzi in Cap d’Agde, website’s public domain picture.

We have been to a party on this beautiful roof, with the theme “Eyes wide shut,” but the audience was a little older than our main target and the drinks were expensive. We were very tired, so our opinion may be biased. But we didn’t love it as much as other parties in Cap.

The hotel reception is very nice. It is at a good location, but not as good as Port NaturePort Ambonne or Le Jardin d’Eden.

Os preços do Oz'Inn, o hotel mais arrumado de Cap d'Agde

On the image above, you can compare the price of Oz’Inn with SDC Takeover at Le Jardin d’Eden, for the same six nights in July 2020. At Oz’Inn, it costs 2,300 euros and on SDC Takeover, 2,150 euros, and in both cases, these are the simplest rooms.

Advantages of SDC Takeover:

  • Daily theme parties at night
  • Various group activities in the afternoon
  • Breakfast in the hotel
  • Prizes
  • Access to Eden’s pool
  • Better location
  • 180 Euros cheaper

Advantages of the Oz’Inn:

  • Newer and more silent bedrooms.
  • Flexible dates and number of nights

Both options have a strict cancellation policy, charging high fees in case you need to cancel your trip.


It is the most affordable hotel in the Naturist Village. The location is not ideal: it is a little bit farther from the buzz, although nothing is really far in the village.

We didn’t visit it, so we can’t say much. The 199 euro rate per room during the high season is a little below the average we found in renovated apartments at Port Nature and Port Ambonne, which are rented through agencies.

The Eve has the advantage of offering a pool for guests, which provides some leisure time in the mornings for those who don’t like the beach. We don’t know the audience there: the pool at the Eve is not a popular spot like Babylon and Eden.

It might be an option. We’ll try it out someday.

Tabela de preços do Hotel Eve, em Cap d'Agde

Camping, Cap without the swing vibe

The camping site is not liberal: it is traditionally naturist. If you are looking for an experience with sex, you will need to leave the camp.

The camping site’s common areas are naturist, with families and very well surveilled.

It makes sense to stay at the camp if you have a motorhome or if you want to save money, since it is cheaper than the apartments or hotels, especially if you share a cottage with friends (it fits six to seven people).

The camping site is huge and right in front of the beach. The beach by the camp is naturist. Close to the end of the camping site, there is a beach bar called Paralia, and from there on, the beach becomes liberal, especially after 7 p.m.

You can rent a motorhome or cottage at the camping site online. It offers comfort, internet, heated pool, a playground for the children, tennis courts, and many other amenities. Only guests are allowed in the camp.

Food and drinks in Cap


Our only disappointment at the Cap Naturist Village was the food. We love French food and we were expecting to find a good restaurant, but apparently, there is no really good food in the village. On our next trip, we will keep looking and we will update the blog with anything we find.

Outside the village: La Cabane

For those who have a car, it is worth leaving the village for lunch. There is an exceptional restaurant in Marseillan, a twenty-minute drive away from the village. It specializes in oysters (which we don’t like) and mussels (which we love). It is called La Cabane. They don’t have a website and you must make a reservation by calling them at +33 6 11 17 23 50.

One kilo of Moules et Frites mussels, cooked on the wood, with fries, cost 11 euros there – in the high season. They are the best in the world. It is very worth the drive (or ride, if you take an e-bike, as we did).

Le Mississipi

We had lunch at Le Mississippi four times. None of them was bad, but it wasn’t really special. The food is decent and not cheap. We had mussels three times, which were good, but not nearly as good as the ones at La Cabane. We had the fish once, which was particularly expensive considering the serving size and flavor.

The service was good every time we visited the restaurant. The environment is very pleasant, very well-located, and well-managed. We drank wine twice: once, it was a disaster; the other time, it was good. But it was my fault, I made a bad choice the first time.

There were no lines. Among the options in the Naturist Village, this one is acceptable. It is at the edge of Port Nature, with an oceanview.

Le Calypso

Le Calypso is next to Le Mississippi and very similar too. We also had Moules et Frites there. Equally acceptable, more or less the same price. If one of the restaurants is too full, go to the other one. Try both and then write your opinion on the comments below!

Mexilhões no Calypso, em Cap d'Agde


In our opinion, the Moules et Frites at L’Horizon, made a la Provençale, were cheaper, tastier, and better served than in the other restaurants from the village. They cost 15 euros and come in this huge pot. It is also right next to Le Calypso and Le Mississippi.

Mexilhões no L'Horizon, em Cap d'Agde

Le Ghymnos

Le Ghymos is a pizzeria. We saw beautiful pizzas on the other tables, but we decided to order other things. Yes, it is our fault. We are crazy about Moules et Frites and we order these ones from the picture. They were good, but very few for the price. We also ordered a Greek salad which was far from the real thing. We didn’t like it.

The service was great and the environment is pleasant. It is in Heliopolis.

Mexilhoes na pizzaria do Heliopolis, em Cap d'Agde


Apparently, all we had the whole trip were mussels. Looking back at it, we realize we need help. Does anyone know where we can find a Mussels rehab facility?


We have two breakfast recommendations: one is a must and the other one is a “run as far as you can.”

Le Mie d’Helene is a must-go

Le Mie d’Helene is the right place to go for breakfast in the Naturist Village. Everything is simple and delicious, they offer quality croissants, as well as nice service, and everything is made-to-order and served on your table. It is in Port Nature and it really is a great find. Take advantage to shop at the markets next to it after breakfast.

Do not go to Le Saint Jean

We never had a croissant as bad as the one at Le Saint Jean, a tourist trap bakery at Port Ambonne. It is a magic portal that leads you outside of France, where patisserie is a lost art.

Bars: getting ready for swing in Cap


Paralia is the bar that divides the beach: before Paralia, it is naturist and family-oriented. After Paralia, anything can happen.

It is a spectacular beach bar. They have many chairs and umbrellas, as well as DJs and a lot of fun. You need to rent the chairs for a fixed price and you can use them all day long.

You will have to walk to get there:

Andando até o Paralia em Cap d'Agde

It’s almost a 15-minute walk from Port Nature to Paralia, if you go through the dirt road – without any shade – that surrounds the camping site. Or you can walk through the beach, enjoying the view and working your legs. In this case, you should go naked: the beach has rules.

The prices at Paralia are competitive when compared to other options at the Naturist Village. Check the menu below.

Cardápio do Paralia: preços competitivos

The Paralia doesn’t open when the weather is cloudy or rainy. Don’t even waste your time.

La Pilouterie

We read somewhere that it was a great breakfast spot, so we were super excited to go there.

But they don’t even serve food, much less a nice breakfast. It is a bar that, due to its location, is a party spot, almost exclusively for drinks, with some lame industrialized snacks.

It is worth visiting to meet new people and listen to some music. It is a civilized place, where people sit on the tables, naked during the day, and dressed up at night. It is at Port Ambonne.

Preço das bebidas no bar ideal para ver a vida nua passar

La Palmaraie

It is next to La Pilouterie, and it offers food. Unfortunately, nothing we ordered was good. It is a good spot, but the service is slow, and they have very few and not-so-good options. It is at Port Ambonne.

La Cave Se Rebiffe

It is a new business, which opened in 2019 and is managed by the owners. The wines are fairly priced, and you can order by the glass. We went there twice and enjoyed almost everything, from the wines to the champagne, from the guacamole to the sardines. The only criticism is that the chips they serve with the guacamole are simply Doritos.

We recommend it. It is at Port Ambonne.


There are three grocery stores in the naturist village, Vival by Casino, in Port Nature, right next to the bakery with the best breakfast in the village, Coccinelle at Port Ambonne and Spar at Heliopolis.

The first thing we do when we arrive at an apartment in Europe is fill our fridge with treats.

Nossa geladeira, cheia de guloseimas do primeiro ao último dia.
Our fridge, full of treats from day one.

Vival by Casino

It is the nicest-looking market. It is great to buy a bottle of orange juice made in a self-service machine.

This market also has the best olives in the world. They are dry – because of how they’re prepared, but who cares about looks? – in a plastic bag outside of the bridge. It’s amazing. If you haven’t tried them, you haven’t had olives.


It is the messiest one, but they sell Pink Lady apples, which are so good. Buy as many as you can of those. Pink Lady is the goddess of apples. Coccinelle is their temple, and you can find it at Port Ambonne.


Nothing sets this store apart, but it is closer to those who are staying at Heliopolis. Its location on Google Maps is inaccurate, so don’t even try googling it. Enter the commercial part of Heliopolis and look around – you’ll find it.

Naturism: Cap without swing

Naturist pools and beach


Waiki is a small and very organized naturist club, basically made up of a pool, a small area around it, a restaurant with a bar, a jacuzzi, and a sauna.

You must pay 20 Euros per couple to get in, which gives you two lounge chairs and access to the jacuzzi. The place does not allow sex: it is for traditional naturism.

There are food and beverages, which cost the same as everywhere else in the village: 10 Euros for 10cl of Taittinger Champagne, or 14 Euros for a Piscine: the same champagne but with ice and fruits.

Na hidromassagem do Waiki Beach

Kamasutra, Cap half swing

If on the one hand, Kamasutra, is liberal at its sauna, on the other, they are more conservative about their pool. And for a good reason: it can be seen by the families going to the beach. Imagine the scandal if people were having sex and families could see it from the street?

So no sex at Kamasutra’s pool, one of the nicest in the area. Are you in the mood? You’ll have to go to the sauna. The place sells packages that allow the client to leave and come back on the same day.

Piscina do Kamasutra
The pool at Kamasutra

Family beach, a zero-swing version of Cap

We are fans of Cap, but we hate the beach. We like sandless sex. Going to the beach naked, getting our dicks and pussies sunburnt, among families, being careful not to get an erection, and without any chances of meeting some promising people – that’s a nightmare for us.

Just no. Too much heat, not enough fun.

Srta. F indo a praia, antes da multidão.
Miss F. going to the beach before the crowd arrived.

We went to the family beach twice.

Once, when we decided to walk around the beach to take some pictures before someone got there, at around 7 a.m. It was worth it: we took beautiful pictures of Miss F. on a deserted beach, and no one was there to complain.

The second time was under a scolding sun to visit Paralia. So hot.

Packing and shopping

What to wear Cap d’Agde

During the day, you don’t need to wear anything for a day of swing in Cap. You can walk around the city completely naked. But it is good to wear an accessory. A hat and sunglasses, a towel to sit in the restaurant, some ornament to look good. Most people carry some of these things with themselves.

Everything you need is for sale in Cap d’Agde. Everything.


For starters, nothing like some temporary tattoos. There is a store that sells several of these for 2 Euros, and it’s easy to find. Miss F. doesn’t go a day without them. Check out the beautiful tattoos that embellished our trip to Cap in 2019.

What to wear for a night of swing in Cap

Nighttime in Cap is not naked, but it is crazy.

You must wear whatever you would wear in other clubs anywhere in the world, but with no limits. You can shine as much as you want, you can show your breasts, you can show your vagina, you can wear whatever you want, as long as they are nightclub outfits.

Preparadíssimos para o Swing na Glamour, em Cap d'Agde.
This was the outfit we wore for Glamour.

The best place in the world to buy outfits to wear in Cap is in Cap. You will find a thousand stores. Take some time on your first or second day, leave some room in your luggage and buy everything you need right there. Don’t worry: Cap d’Agde is awesome and you will come back. You can wear the outfits again the next year.

Recommendation for men: long sleeves might be too warm, and a blazer is a pain. Choose an outfit that won’t melt you.

Mr. F.

There are clothing stores in HeliópolisPort Ambonne, and Port Nature, but you will find more choices in Heliópolis. A nice shopping tour will take you to three malls. Take a good look at everything before buying.

Stores in Cap: getting ready for swing

What to buy when you arrive

The first thing you need to do is buy a waterproof document holder, if you don’t already have one. They sell those at Helio Presse, a convenience store that was adapted to the Naturist Village. It is in Heliopolis, of course.

There, you will also find locks, which are useful for couples to use at the Melrose wall, to ensure the eternity of your kinkiness together.

There are some interesting beach outfits: towels with sleeves. You can see more or less how they are in the image below (and, if you are reading this before your trip, you can buy them at AliExpress):

Toalha de pendurar, sua amiga do Swing em Cap

Helio Presse also sells poppers, a kind of legalized – or at least not forbidden – drug in France. We never tried it, but some people like it. This drug is more common among the LGBTQ community, because it supposedly makes anal sex easier. There are significant risks for using the substance, so it is probably best not to try it.

Temporary tattoos, tobacco, sunglasses, camping gear, beach tents – you will find a bunch of things there. It is worth visiting on your first day.

Helio Presse, a loja de conveniência em Cap d'Agde
Convenience store.


There is an awesome BDSM fashion store in Port Ambonne. I’ve never seen anything like it. All kinds of leather costumes, unique shoes, they have an amazing variety. It is right next to Histoires d’O and, even if that’s not your style, it is a must-see. Check the pictures.

Apetrechos sexuais: swing com algo a mais em Cap

Do you need a penis cage to improve your look? Or maybe the lady wants to embezzle her rear with a plug? The stores sell everything. Have fun buying all kinds of paraphernalia at Port Nature’s commercial area.

Apetrechos de Swing: vende-se de plug anal ao cage peniano em Cap.

How to get to Cap

There are no convenient flights from Brazil to the nearest airport, which is Béziers.

Through Paris, by train

It is easier to take a direct flight to Paris and then hop on a high-speed rail (TGV) on a four-hour trip to Agde. Then, take a short cab ride from Agde to the Naturist Village in Cap d’Agde.

You can buy the tickets through Oui’s website, which is the proper and official place to get train tickets in France.

Do not buy from RailEurope, which is where the website leads you when you choose the option rest of the world for your location.

RailEurope only exploits unaware tourists: stay away. Use Oui’s own website. You will be able to buy the tickets about three or four months in advance, and you should buy them as soon as they are available. Keep an eye on it.

Buy first-class train tickets. It is a four-hour trip and you will be taking luggage with you, so that is the right choice.

On your way to Cap, you should plan to stay for one or two days in Paris. That way, if there are any flight delays, you won’t miss your train. On the way back, since the trains don’t delay, you won’t have any issues going straight to the airport.

While you’re in Paris, you can enjoy some nights at the fancy Les Chandelles.

How much does it cost?

  • Two plane tickets to Paris, both ways, by Air France, leaving from SP or RJ: about 2,200 Euros.
  • Uber in Paris between Charles de Gaulle airport and Gare de Lyon: about 100 Euros.
  • Two TGV train tickets from Paris to Agde, first-class, at Oui’s website: around 300 Euros.
  • A taxi from Agde’s train station to the Naturist Village: 20 Euros.
  • In total, one couple spends around 2,600 Euros both ways to Cap d’Agde, from São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, in the high season.

Through Montpellier

One option is to take a plane to Montpellier (with a connection in Paris) and rent a car there. Cap d’Agde is about one hour away from Montpellier.

Through Bordeaux

Another option is going through Bordeaux, with a connection in Paris. From there, you can go to the Naturist Island, which is four hours away by car. On the way, you will pass by the beautiful medieval town of Carcassonne. This is a longer ride, but it is worth it if you are interested in seeing Bordeaux and Carcassonne.

Can I take pictures at Cap’s Naturist Village?

Tour fotográfico: nem so só de swing vivemos em Cap.

You can’t take pictures of other naked people, of course. You also can’t take selfies with naked people in the background. Try to avoid looking like you are taking pictures, even if you are not.

Can I take pictures if no one is around?

Well, if no one sees it, no one will say anything.

People don’t want you to take pictures, but no one is really radical about it on the streets. Few people nowadays can really stay away from their phones.

If you want to take some pictures by the beach, try getting there really early: you won’t find anyone before 7 a.m. We took plenty of pictures there during that time.

Try to avoid using your phone in the Babylone and Eden parties, and when there are people around you on the naturist beach.

Apps in Cap

You can use apps to find matches at the Naturist Village. That’s right – besides the parties, the beach, and the saunas, you can set up a swing with online Cap contacts.

It worked for us. We found at least one couple online. The app that everyone uses is SDC. That’s not even really an app, but a mobile website. If you are not a user, make sure to sign up.

Usando o SDC para apimentar o Swing em Cap d'Agde
Hundreds of people use SDC’s radar to make new friends in Cap.

Another famous dating app is Feeld, but it doesn’t work so well in Cap d’Agde. Almost no one uses it, so don’t waste your time. On the other hand, it works perfectly in Paris.

We’ll see you in Cap! Leave your tips below about what we should do on our next trip!

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