Liberal Sauna: France, England, and Holland

Liberal saunas are much more practical than swing clubs: being naked in a jacuzzi already takes you halfway past the bureaucracy of having sex with strangers. Moon City in Paris and Histoires d’O in Cap d’Agde are amazing options for those who are looking for action, especially during the day, when many Libertin clubs in Paris are still closed.

Liberal saunas in Paris

Moon City

The first time we went to Moon City – on a Wednesday – the house was open for couples and single women. Our first surprise: there were many women, including a group of four Peruvian friends that were on a trip to Paris. There were around 10 couples and 6 single women during the period we were there (from 6 p.m. to 12 a.m., more or less).

Mr. F found a nice French lady who was walking around the club by herself. Mrs. F didn’t like her so much, but was kind enough to join with a few kisses and patiently waited for Mr. F, who was with her for a little over an hour.

Then, we found one of the Peruvian friends: she had never been with a woman, and Mrs. F quickly solved the situation, with a one-hour make-out session in the pool, supported by Mr. F.

We loved it and came back four more times on the same trip. For us, there are two main benefits, when compared to clubs such as Les Chandelles: there are people during the day (we hate sleeping late) and fewer obstacles for having sex, since everyone is already naked.

Sra. F na Moon City, a sauna liberal mais legal de Paris.

Mixed liberal sauna: not every day is for couples

We were very hesitant at first: on Mondays and Wednesdays, the club is reserved for couples, but on the other days, it is mixed. Well, we thought, there must be 100 men for each woman.

Fortunately, not only there were few, but the men there were particularly polite. The four times we visited the sauna during mixed days, the proportion was 35% single men, 15% single women, and 50% couples. Everything flowed really well, even though we are mostly interested in women.

Surprising: even with mixed audiences, there is a good male-female ratio.

How does the liberal sauna work?

When you arrive, your clothes are left in a locker and you go in naked, with a towel and a cover-up. The locker can be easily accessed, and the user keeps the key, which is attached to their wrist or ankle.

There is a bar, and then a lounge area, and a large jacuzzi, which can comfortably fit 16 people. For us, the jacuzzi is the best part: we prefer making out in the “pool” than going to a bedroom for swinging.

Theoretically, you can’t do anything in the pool – intercourse, oral sex, making out, and handjobs are not allowed. In practice, you can go as far as the place lets you. From time to time, an employee will walk by to check and warn those who go a little too far.

On the top floor, there are shared rooms for sex. We used it, although it isn’t our favorite place. The pool area is very nice, but the rooms were a little too dark for us. There are also saunas (but Mrs. F always keeps a distance from them: they’re incompatible with her contact lenses).

Can you have dinner in this liberal sauna?

There is food at different times, depending on the day. We thought the food was terrible, but we are very picky about that.

What should be hot, was cold. What should be cold, wasn’t. Not even their cheese was edible. After the first experience, we decided to take some cookies and chocolates that we could eat in the locker room.

Moon City liberal sauna prices and hours

The sauna opens every day from 10 a.m. From Sunday to Tuesday and on Thursdays, it closes at 2 a.m. On Wednesday, it closes at 4 a.m. On Fridays and Saturdays, it closes at 5 a.m.

For couples, it costs 58 euros during the week and 68 euros on the weekend. Women can enter for free every day, except for Mondays and Wednesdays, when they pay 15 euros. Men pay 148 euros to enter, on the days when they are allowed inside.

The ticket includes a few tokens, which can be exchanged for drinks. It usually is enough for one drink per person. An extra glass of champagne costs 10 euros.

L’Eclipse, the couples-only liberal sauna

L’Eclipse is from the same group as Moon City. It is smaller, nicer, and cozier, and only for couples. It was a very promising option. But it wasn’t.

Sra. F tirando a roupa na L'Eclipse, a sauna liberal mais bonitinha de Paris.

We were excited as soon as we arrived. What a nice, clean, organized place. The jacuzzi is so charming, the water was warm, and the environments are well-placed. The lockers are digital, and much more modern than Moon City.

Lame pool in a liberal sauna?

However, our experience was not as good. The main issue is the way that they deal with the “no sexual interaction in the pool” rule. They are extremely strict and complain about any kind of contact, which makes it a really boring experience. What kind of liberal sauna takes this rule so seriously?

There was a blonde lady tirelessly complaining with the users, but she was overall nice to us. But this kind of behavior made us not want to come back. They say that when she’s not there, the rules aren’t as strict – she works from opening time until the end of the afternoon.

L’Eclipse liberal sauna prices and times

We went there twice, both times, during the day. The sauna opens from Tuesday to Saturday at noon, and on Sunday, at 4 p.m. It closes at 5 a.m. on Friday and Saturday, and at 2 a.m. on the other days.

For couples, it costs 58 euros during the week and 68 euros on the weekend. Women pay 15 euros.

As it is the case for most French websites, the information provided are confusing and inaccurate. There is a page on the website that, incorrectly, says they are open every day, and the opening hours are also wrong.

The ticket includes a few tokens that can be exchanged for drinks. Each person can have one distilled drink, or three house drinks.

Who is the audience at L’Eclipse?

We went there twice. On the first time, it was Christmas eve, and it was very empty. We were alone in the jacuzzi and barely saw other couples.

The second time, we met a beautiful French couple. They had been married for a long time and it was their first time swinging. They wanted something lighter: only the girls interacted.

She was really hot, but also very jealous: she would freak out every time Mrs. F touched her husband. Setting aside this excessive jealousy, the ladies had a blast. It didn’t even seem like it was her first time with a woman.

At least during the times we were there, the club was much emptier than Moon City. We would give it another shot during the night, away from the blonde lady’s repression, and maybe with more people.

Star City and Sun City

Star City is a mixed sauna, which focuses more on the male gay audience or for couples who want a simpler and cheaper place. Sun City is a gay sauna, exclusively for homosexual men.

This is not our thing, so we didn’t go there. But we went by Star City to take a picture for you guys.

Star City is split into two areas with different prices: 20 euros for couples to enter the sauna and 11 euros for men to enter the area called “cruising,” which is only for males. It is confusing, the website doesn’t give many details, and we didn’t check it for ourselves. If you visit it, tell us in the comments below how it went!

Le Bains 72

Le Bains 72 is in the same street as Moon City. We decided to check it out, even though the online reviews weren’t so good. The website is much better when compared to the other saunas, with a more professional feel to it.

Sra. F em frente a na Les Bains 72, uma sauna liberal fraquinha em Paris.

We didn’t have a good experience there. The audience didn’t please us: there were eight more people, and none of them fit into the profile we like. The reception looks nice (and the tea is delicious), but the saunas and bedrooms have an underground style, which is not our thing.

Besides, their jacuzzi is small: a tub for four people. And, to make things worse, the smoking area is not isolated enough, so the club smells like cigarettes.

The employee that overlooks the club is particularly nice. The locker room is modern and adequate. The ticket does not include alcoholic drinks, and it costs 50 euros per couple.

It wasn’t worth it for us.

Liberal sauna in London: Rio’s

The liberal sauna Rio’s only deserves one good comment: one of the ladies who works at the bar is a young Brazilian woman, who is friendly, efficient, and hot. She had only been there for a few weeks, so it’s hard to say whether she will be there in the future.

Sra. F em frente a Rio's, uma sauna liberal de Londres.

Who goes to Rio’s liberal sauna?

Rio’s is the only widely marketed liberal sauna in London. But, unlike the saunas in Paris, the mixed sauna model doesn’t seem to work well for couples.

On the day we were there, there were about 40 men and three couples, apart from us. The couples were much older and significantly out of shape.

It is apparently a faithful audience: we spoke to a very nice man who was sitting next to us at the bar and he told us that he has been going there for over twenty years.

Supposedly, on Saturdays, the sauna is couples-only. However, when we spoke to people there, it seems that this rule is not taken seriously.

We had the impression that those who like gang banging would like Rio’s. Or if you are looking for couples over 60 years old. Or if you are a single woman looking for some thrill: men will look at you like dogs looking at rotisserie chicken, and you will have many invitations.

If your taste doesn’t fit into the examples given above, we recommend that you choose another place, such as the amazing Le Boudoir.

Rio’s prices and hours

It Works from Monday to Saturday, from 11 to 7 a.m. On Sundays, it opens at the usual time and closes at 10 p.m. It costs 25 to 29 pounds per couple.

Liberal sauna in Cap d’Agde: Histoires d’O

Histoires d’O is a liberal sauna that works extraordinarily well, as we already explained in the post about Cap d’Agde (if you are thinking of going to Cap, you can check out all the accommodation options on this post).

It is clean, nice, well-maintained, with large public beds and six private rooms with keys. The public areas are properly lighted and comfortable, and there is an excellent jacuzzi that fits around 10 couples.

In theory, sex is not allowed in the jacuzzi, but in reality, no one really minds or supervises.

O bar do Histoires d'O, onde o swing acontece nos dias nublados de Cap d'Agde.

Mixed or couples sauna?

Histoires d’O targets both audiences very well. There are two separate structures, each with their own bar, bedrooms, and beds. Couples can roam around freely, and single men are restricted to only one of the environments. It is the perfect solution for all tastes.

Every time we were there, always in the high season, there were many interesting couples. We were never left hanging: there was always plenty of interaction and sex with attractive people.

Histoires d’O prices and hours

It costs 40 euros per couple, with soft drinks and coffee included. For 5 euros, you can have a very mild sparkling drink. Another option is paying 60 euros for a full-day pass, where you can go in and out as you’d like.

It opens at 2 p.m. and closes at 2 a.m., every day, during the season.

Liberal saunas in Holland

Sadly, Holland did not copy the amazing French model of the liberal saunas.

Nude, but sexless, saunas

There is a profusion of saunas with entirely naked people. They are huge complexes, some with dozens of pools, dry, and steam saunas. For those who like saunas, it is amazing. In our case, we only like the kinky saunas, so it was terrible.

We visited two of them. We thought they were so lame: spending hours without being able to check your phone and with no sex to pass the time. Fortunately, we went there with some friends, so we just chatted. We had to make up for it later in the hotel.

Sra. F compensando no hotel em Amsterdam.
Mrs. F making up for it in the hotel in Amsterdam (ok, this picture is from another day, but our friends are represented there).

Jacuzzis inside swing clubs

On the other hand, some swing clubs have a jacuzzi or pool, such as Fun4Two and Fata Morgana. They are both great, but unfortunately, they only open on weekend nights. In Holland, we were left without a jacuzzi for most of the time, which is very unfortunate.

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