Liberal nightclubs and swing clubs in São Paulo, SP

In São Paulo, you will find swing for all tastes: from Inner Club’s underground vibe to the fancy Hot Bar. Whatever you are in the mood for, São Paulo has something for you. And almost all of them are in Moema, the kinkiest neighborhood in Brazil. It doesn’t have the same sexy environment as Amsterdam or a huge club like Fun4Two, but there are plenty of options to have fun.

Liberal nightclubs and swing houses in São Paulo

Inner Club

Inner Club, balada liberal swing em Moema, São Paulo, SP.

The Inner Club is just pure kinkiness. That’s it. If you want to see people fucking, this is the place to go. It is underground, weird, spacious, and of doubtful taste. There is a bus inside the club, of which the founder is very proud of, or so they say. But, come on! Buses are really ugly things.

If you are an attractive couple – well, if the woman is pretty – single men will follow you around. Do you like that? Then Inner Club is the best for you. But if you’re into more organized swing, the horde of single men might get annoying.

Everything in the club has an underworld vibe, and it looks like a ‘90s whorehouse. We like nicer places, but many couples we know absolutely love the Inner Club. For steady, non-stop sex, this is the right choice.

The Inner Club opens every day and the price varies. For their traditional Saturday night, it costs R$195 per couple until 11 p.m., in which you can consume R$100, and after this time, it costs R$270, which are fully converted into consumption (which sounds a bit weird, since the second option appears to be more advantageous for most couples).

It seems like the R$560 rate for single men doesn’t scare them away, because there are many of them. It is the perfect place for a gang bang.

This place is the opposite of chic clubs like Le Boudoir or Les Chandelles.

Hot Bar

The Hot Bar is an elegant liberal nightclub, that vaguely reminds the Parisian swing clubs. The bar and dancefloor always seem too elegant, and all the action – except for the usual make-out sessions you find in any nightclub – happens in the small maze in the back of the club. The dancefloor opens after midnight.

We’ve always gone to the Hot Bar searching for this balance between a fancier environment and sex. Before the Spicy Club opened, it was the place that matched our preferences the most.

Although we like it, there are some downsides: the maze is very small, and the bedrooms are tiny and crowded, looking like an old cabaret. Everything happens really late: it takes long to fill up, the dancefloor starts really late at night, as well as all the action.

Once, we tried ordering a mushroom appetizer and it was a disaster. It was bad and cold. The drink menu matches our expectations, but the service is confusing.

It opens from Wednesday to Saturday and, for a couple who adds their name to the list, it costs R$180, and R$120 is consumable.

Spicy Club

The Spicy Club recently opened and on the next day, we were visiting it with our friend Lari, for a good night out. The place is brand-new, with good music, good drinks, and very good service.

The nice lady from the fire brigade that gave us a tour of the house provided a great service. Everyone seemed excited about the new club and happy to be working there.

The bedrooms are their strong point: they’re more comfortable than the others and have a lock. We were able to have a blast and, we hope, entertain our friend, Lari.

It was her second time in this type of club – she only knew Hot Bar – and the Spicy Club seemed to have the perfect balance between dancefloor, bar, and sex. It is now our favorite club in São Paulo.

At the entrance, they have a modern fingerprint system. They opened their doors punctually and it was quickly filled with attractive people. The dancefloor was bustling, the public bedrooms were filled with people having sex, and the private bedrooms were available. The bar service was quick, and their prices and menu met our expectations. We didn’t try their appetizers.

The Spicy Club opens from Thursdays to Saturdays. On Saturday nights, couples pay R$170, and R$140 are consumable. It is located in Moema, as usual.

Asha Club

Asha Club, balada liberal swing em Moema, São Paulo, SP.

The Asha Club is the opposite of the Inner Club. It is beautiful, very fancy, but almost nothing happens there. To us, it seemed like a common nightclub. We tried to get people engaged, but no one wanted to have sex there. We were negatively surprised by the lack of sexual appetite that Saturday.

Maybe it’s not always like this, maybe some days are more exciting, but that day, everyone was very dull. It seems like people only go there to dance. There were two pretty ladies at the edge of the dancefloor who seemed like they were about to fall asleep.

The environment is very beautiful and something we really like about it is that their second floor is quieter, with a very nice bar, and some clean cabins, with a lock on the door. We took advantage of them to take the picture above.

We will give it a second chance, because when we went there, we didn’t even want to have sex ourselves. It is not the best option for swinging in São Paulo.

Couples who add their names to the guest list, through the website, pay R$160, where R$100 are consumable, on Saturdays. The house opens from Tuesdays to Saturdays.

Code Club

We didn’t go to the Code Club together, but Mr. F had been there before meeting Mrs. F. It is the only club that is not located in Moema. It was exciting, with plenty of sex, about five years ago. But we will write a post about it after we visit it together. It only opens on Saturdays and costs R$180 per couple, which are converted into consumption, if you add your name to the guest list online.


Um achado no Badoo, nossa nova amiga paulista.

We’re so jealous of SP, where the dating apps are so popular! No other place in Brazil comes close to it. Even apps that we had already abandoned, such as Badoo, are widely popular in São Paulo. So if you are in São Paulo, but you’re too lazy to go to a swing club, get an app!

Last Sunday morning, Mrs. F woke me up saying, “We have a date this morning.” I didn’t really understand. “What? A date on a Sunday morning? But our flight leaves after lunchtime!”

We met our new friend Ali on our weirdest date, in the hotel’s VIP room. We chatted for a while and she was a great girl: cool, laid-back, and hot. If we had met her a day before, we would have introduced her to Lari at Spicy.

Oh, if these dating apps were as good in our city as they are in São Paulo, we wouldn’t have so much free time.



Uma noite de muita diversão no Motel Asturias.
Mrs. F posing with two friends at Asturias Motel.

São Paulo is not all about swing clubs. Sometimes, going to a motel is part of the fun. On the day of the picture above, we introduced an old friend of Mrs. F to an old friend of mine, and there is no better place to make new friends than the private pools in the Asturias Motel bedrooms. We recommend it.


Sra. F fazendo estripulias no corredor do hotel.
Mrs. F doing her favorite thing: walking around naked in the hotel hallways. We quickly looked around looking for surveillance cameras and voilá: click.

The most strategic place to stay is Moema, of course. Hotels such as Mercure The Privilege are a few minutes away from most clubs. Besides, they have a 24/7 restaurant with a minestrone that can save you when you come back from the nightclub.

But our favorite place to stay is Pullman Vila Olímpia. Because this is a business district, their weekend prices are excellent, especially if you are part of Accor’s mileage program. It costs the same as the Mercure and it is much better.

The Pullman has the perfect bed for more than two people, and flawless bedrooms and bathrooms. The restaurant Hub Food Art & Lounge is wonderful. The bar is pleasant and they never said anything about us sneaking some friends into our rooms. It is very worth it and it is only a ten-minute Uber ride from the clubs.

Sadly, there aren’t liberal hotels in central areas in São Paulo, such as in Pipa and Gouda. Who wants to start one?

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